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How to Care for Your Glass Doors and Windows

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Everyone loves the open, breezy feel of a home with lots of glass doors and windows. And if you've recently replaced your windows, you've added loads to your home's resale value. However, this doesn't come without inconveniences. The biggest of these is cleaning. If you live in Victoria and aren't sure how best to care for your glass windows and doors, our guide will show you what you need to know.

Cleaning the Sills and Frames Tell the truth: You were so focused on the idea of cleaning the glass to a perfect sparkle that you forgot about cleaning the sills and frames, didn't you? No worries! While the framing of your windows may not be the most glamorous part of your new sunroom, they can still accumulate dust and grime in a hurry. Before you wash the windows, you should take a vacuum to the sills and tracks to suck up any loose debris. After that, use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to wipe off the frames, digging in with a bottle brush to any places that seem clogged up. Then, rinse and wipe it all down with an absorbent cloth. Cleaning the Glass To clean the glass, you can use a store-bought cleaning solution or make your own from home. Whichever route you choose, we recommend that you work from top to bottom to ensure you're wiping away potential drips as they occur. We also recommend avoiding cleaning on a sunny day to prevent the cleaning solution from drying too early and creating nasty streaks. A squeegee can help you clean those hard-to-reach corners, and using an old T-shirt instead of paper towels can save money. However, if you've tried all these tips and the glass won't get spotless clean, it's time to reach out to Victoria Window Cleaning. Screen Cleaning A huge part of learning how to care for glass windows is learning how to clean your window screens. If your windows look dingier than usual, and you've done all you can to clean the glass, the screens might be the culprit. To clean them, remove the screens from the frames. Then, using a soft bristle brush and a mix of mild dish soap and water, gently scrub your screens to remove grime. Rinse with warm water, let dry, and replace the screens in the frames. The Trouble With Condensation One major drawback of glass doors and windows is that you'll sometimes experience condensation. A small amount of it isn't a concern, but if there's heavy condensation at all times, the humidity in your home is too high. Installing a dehumidifier and turning on your ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home can help reduce this. Ensuring Your Glass Door Slides Properly Sliding glass doors are a gorgeous feature for any home to have, but they can take some serious maintenance. One of the ways to ensure your glass door opens easily is to keep the moving parts lubricated. A silicone-based lubricant works wonders for this (and please do not use WD-40). You should also make sure the track doesn't have any obstructions in it with regular vacuumings. However, if you've checked both of these areas, and nothing has helped, it's time to contact the professionals. Looking for Glass Doors and Windows Cleaners in Victoria? We here at Victoria Window Cleaning are here to help you with all your residential cleaning needs. Whether it's cleaning your gutters, the moss on your roof, or power washing your driveway, we got your needs covered. Give Victoria Window Cleaning a call today, and see what we can do for you!


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