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Moss Removal Services in Victoria, And The Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for professional and efficient moss removal services near Victoria and Shawnigan Lake, rely on Victoria Window Cleaning. Moss, if left untreated, can spread on your roof and be visible even from the street. It will not only affect the aesthetic appeal of your property but can also cause harm to the integrity of the structure. The tendency of moss to retain moisture makes it detrimental to the roof structure.


At Victoria Window Cleaning, we always make sure your roof is clean of all moss before we declare a project finished. We can also remove moss from decks and driveways. Using professional moss removal services will help in extending the life of your roof. So, it is actually an investment when you hire a professional and experienced team for moss removal. You can count on us when you are in need of moss removal services from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake. We will provide you with quick and efficient services.

moss removal

We Know the Job

The professionals at Victoria Window Cleaning use different methods such as brush and hose, pressure washing and more, depending on your roof as well as materials. We also offer the gradual moss removal method, which involves spraying a solution on your roof and letting the natural elements take the moss away. Clay tile and shingle roofs benefit from pressure washing, whereas the gradual and brush and hose methods work best with asphalt shingles.


At Victoria Window Cleaning, we use safe and effective techniques to remove moss from your roofs. Contact us to schedule a booking. You can also read our blogs to learn a few tips and tricks to get rid of moss from your roofs.


Why Choose Us?

Victoria Window Cleaning is a trusted professional cleaning service provider in Victoria. For over five decades, we have been providing quality cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. We offer a wide range of services, including window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning. For all your interior and exterior building cleaning needs, you can rely on us. Our well-trained crew members use pressure washing and other methods to ensure your property is free from mould, mildew and moss.


Give us a call to get started today with moss removal services we cover the Victoria area as well as the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions on Moss Removal

  • 1. Which areas are prone to moss growth?
    Moss usually grows on roofs, patios, sidewalks and decks. It causes structural damage to your property.
  • 2. What damages can moss cause?
    Moss can hamper the structural integrity of your shingles roof, which results in costly repairs.
  • 3. How should I clean moss off my roof?
    It is always advisable to take professional help to get rid of moss. Choose Victoria Window Cleaning if you need effective moss removal services.
  • 4. What are the effective methods to remove moss?
    Brushing off moss Pressure washing Soft washing Use of chemicals

See what we can do for you.

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