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Post-Construction Window Cleaning for Victoria

Construction in the workplace can truly disrupt normal operations. Then there is the mess left afterwards - all the dust and the construction leftovers can really give you a headache. You can delegate the clean-up if you have employees, but this can be bad for morale – and cause more headaches.

Victoria Window Cleaning does construction site clean-up well. Our experts have the experience to do this very quickly so you can resume normal work for your office or retail outlet. We will clean all interior and exterior windows, remove stickers and manufacturing shipping films off of windows, scrape off paint and clean sills, tracks and frames. Nothing and no place gets overlooked. There are additional benefits as well. Post construction cleaning can be dangerous, since the dust may pose a health risk for some of your workers. Nails and other sharp tools may still be lying around. If your workers get hurt cleaning things up, you may be held liable. With Victoria Window Cleaning, our staff know how to do things safely and are fully insured, bonded, and supervised for your peace of mind. Cost savings is another factor – no need to buy the tools and cleaning agents and waste your time and effort - our professionals are ready when you are, and come fully equipped. Plus you’ll avoid the cleaning chemicals and waste disposal can be done safely, as these experts know all about the current local regulations for every type of waste disposal. Being spared from all the trouble of the cleaning is already worth the money you spend on a professional cleaning service, and you may actually spend less money when you don’t do it yourself. When you need professional commercial or residential post-construction cleaning services, contact Victoria Window Cleaning at 250-881-8181 today to request a free, no-obligation quote for our services. We provide all clients with a written estimate within 48 hours.




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