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How to Remove and Prevent Moss Growth on Your Roof?

Victoria window cleaning moss removal service

Moss can be annoying as it can threaten the integrity of your roof's structure and the health of your family. It can uplift shingles, retain moisture on the roof, stain it, form a slippery surface, and promote mould and bacteria growth. It will be difficult for homeowners to remove moss on their own. There are many different ways to remove moss from roofs. The method will depend on the roofing material and the extent to which moss has spread on the roof. At Victoria Window Cleaning, our technicians are trained to identify the appropriate moss removal method in different scenarios. We have been providing residential and commercial services in the Victoria area for more than 50 years. In this blog post, we discuss the various methods used to remove and prevent moss growth on roofs.

Removing Existing Moss

You can remove the moss that's already present on your roof by hand scrubbing with a garden hose and a long soft-bristle brush. Spray water at a downward angle on the roof with the hose and scrub in a downward motion. Ensure not to lift any shingles during the process. It's best to stay away from methods such as pressure washing if you are not a skilled professional. If not done the right way, your shingle granules can get removed, and the roof can get severely damaged. Chemical washes are another option. Ensure that you go ahead with this option on a cloudy day so that the solution doesn't evaporate too quickly. Wear old clothes, rubber gloves, safety glasses and slip-resistant shoes while engaging in this activity. Homemade or commercial solutions can discolour decks, pathways or sidings and damage sensitive plants. So, you have to cover them up with plastic or tarpaulin sheets.

Preventing Moss from Growing

Shaded roofs and north-facing roofs are the most vulnerable to moss growth. Try trimming trees and overhanging branches, which cast excessive shade, to prevent future moss growth that results in unattractive black stains on your roof. Try to keep leaves, branches, seedpods and other debris from piling up on your roof and gutters. Moss thrives in a wet and damp environment. Zinc strips can be used to prevent moss growth on roofs successfully. For best results, try installing zinc strips at the first row of shingles or on top of the roof just below the ridge. These can be attached using screws or roofing nails with a rubber washer. Rain will help wash the zinc down the roof. This will create a protective coating that can prevent future algae or moss growth.

Let Us Help

Victoria Window Cleaning provides moss removal services to small business owners, franchises and residential property owners. Whether you require annual, monthly or weekly services, we can draw up contracts to meet your needs. Read our blog post - Post Construction Cleanup Benefits for Victoria – to know the benefits of post-construction cleanups. Call us to learn more about our moss removal services.


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